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Customer Reviews for Oklahoma!

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5 starts so you read it

Michelle Monsef from Brentwood, CA
18th August 2022

This was BAD. As intermission blessedly happened my friend and I looked at each other and said what in the world did we just watch? What was all that about? The singing was good but thats all I can say in the positive. This is a show I wish I had not wasted my time on. I am the most easily entertained person around and I was not (ENTERTAINED).


Austin from San Francisco, California
20th August 2022

This is a very dark, modern day take on the classic musical. I loved every second, but I'm also very familiar with the story. People who haven't watched the movie or seen the show before will be caught off guard. Sis, the actress portraying Ado Annie, is a star. Watch this show to see her. I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

Thrilling, artistic, can't stop thinking about it!!

Edie from Chicago, Illinois
14th January 2022

If you want traditional old styling, you're not going to get it here. That is fine by me! If you want to see something interesting and bold that will make you grin while giving you chills, come to this show!!!! As a young musical theatre professional from the south I have been waiting to see this revival for years, and it surpassed my hopes for what it could be. It is honest, it is intimate, it is complicated and messy. The singing is amazing, the band is outstanding, and the interpretation breathes new life into Rodgers' & Hammerstein's iconic work. The scenes are impactful and the characters seem real. This isn't a golden age fluff piece anymore!

this wasn't yall's Oklahoma.

christian ward from Huntsville, Alabama
27th January 2022

I really loved this prodution of Oklahoma!, the set and the characters all of it. this Oklahoma was for the 21st generation and was supposed to be dark and griddy. All the actors were talented in their own ways and i was entertained the whole way through, this is my first piece of theatre (as im only 13) but i will be seeing this tour again in auburn alabama.


James d from Manhattan, New York
2nd March 2020

I saw the show on Broadway and it was really good. It might be a little dark for some people, but it was fine for me. The “diversity” (woke by a reviewer) did not detract from the entertainment in any way. My daughter wants to see it (but couldn’t because she had class project due that week) so now I’m going to have to take her to a tour date. I will be curious how it plays outside New York? If it’s anything like the Broadway show, I’ll be fine seeing it a second time, which speaks for itself.

Fascinating and Dark

Colin from Tempe, Arizona
21st October 2022

It’s certainly different, but it’s not “woke,” as some reviewers are alleging. They’re probably alleging this because Ado Annie is played by a Black trans woman. But she’s played, as always, for comic relief: Hardly “woke,” in my opinion. What’s good: The song lyrics and dialogue are almost completely unchanged. A slight change at the end of the show is strikingly logical, as if the director is correcting a plot hole that’s always existed. Otherwise, mere changes in acting and lighting turn this show from a happy-go-lucky love story into a story about a man we’d immediately recognize today as an “incel”: Jud Fry, the farmhand. Scenes that are nearly always played as comedy become truly dark, and you’re left wondering how you could ever have thought the scene was funny. What’s not so good: To make the troubling scenes striking (and they’re downright unforgettable), the non-troubling scenes are fairy boring. And that’s roughly the first hour, with hardly any dancing or lighting changes